#LTportugal // four days in the douro

If you may recall, last year in Spain, we promised ourselves that no matter what, we would make a proper summer holiday happen again this August. True to our word, we picked a week, marked our calendars, and then promptly let life take over. We kept agreeing to pick a destination later, with the definite plan to go somewhere warm, and somewhere with serious pool/beach time. Later showed up in June. Do you know what it’s like to plan a sunny August beach vacation in JUNE? Practically impossible, is what. Most places are booked, and everyone you talk to is a REAL Debbie Downer about weather, crowds, etc. As per usual, we let our conscience… View Post

the lazy girl’s guide to choosing the perfect villa

We must admit — we feel like we’re cheating on Portugal a bit. We’re barely back from our last lazy adventure, and we’re already dreaming about our next destination. That’s right, our girls’ week in Mykonos with MyGreek-Villa is officially less than two months away! We’re sticking to our promise to fill you in on what we got up to during our most recent Euro jaunt, but first, we wanted to address an important issue when planning a vacation — how the eff do you choose where to stay?! Who wouldn’t trust us to give them stellar life advice? Lately, you may have noticed that we’ve been leaning more and more toward renting apartments, houses,… View Post

the beginner’s guide to the southern finger lakes

With the Douro Valley fresh in my mind after #LTportugal, I’m feeling super nostalgic for our time spent in other beautiful wine regions around the world. Most recently– the Finger Lakes. If you can remember, I surprised Sean with a three-day trip to the southern Finger Lakes back in April for his birthday. We spent the first day blissfully exploring Corning, NY (aka eating and drinking our way through the charming little historic town), and on the second day, we drove a half-hour north to Hammondsport and Keuka Lake. The Y-shaped Keuka Lake is smack dab in the middle of the Finger Lakes’ wine country, with more than a dozen wineries and countless craft breweries… View Post

style spotter // from country to city with @loandsons

It happened. #LTportugal came and went and August is almost over and the leaves in London have already started to turn and we’ve picked our destination for Friendsgiving and the circle of life continues. And, much like the predictability of seasons changing and vacations ending, we officially conquered our latest country together in style. All while accessorizing accordingly. In case you missed the memo, we spent one week in Northern Portugal, splitting our time between Porto and the Douro Valley, which is, arguably, Portugal’s most famous wine region. For throwing this trip together at lit-ra-lly the last minute, we nailed it. Our itinerary was perfect, and we solemnly swear to share every second. But first!… View Post

five years of the lazy travelers

Last week, a little notification popped up on our WordPress dashboard. Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com! You registered on WordPress.com 5 years ago. On a July night in 2011, after two (or three?) bottles of wine and a failed attempt to convince the hubs to help us start a Dublin-based pizza shop, we registered a domain with WordPress. The next day, in between work at our day jobs, we got to writing. If our blog was a baby, it’d be starting kindergarten. It’s longer than we’ve held one, consistent job, and it’s far longer than we’ve lived in any of our apartments — in Ireland or New York or Philadelphia or DC or France or London.… View Post