style spotter // from country to city with @loandsons

It happened. #LTportugal came and went and August is almost over and the leaves in London have already started to turn and we’ve picked our destination for Friendsgiving and the circle of life continues. And, much like the predictability of seasons changing and vacations ending, we officially conquered our latest country together in style. All while accessorizing accordingly. In case you missed the memo, we spent one week in Northern Portugal, splitting our time between Porto and the Douro Valley, which is, arguably, Portugal’s most famous wine region. For throwing this trip together at lit-ra-lly the last minute, we nailed it. Our itinerary was perfect, and we solemnly swear to share every second. But first!… View Post

five years of the lazy travelers

Last week, a little notification popped up on our WordPress dashboard. Happy Anniversary with! You registered on 5 years ago. On a July night in 2011, after two (or three?) bottles of wine and a failed attempt to convince the hubs to help us start a Dublin-based pizza shop, we registered a domain with WordPress. The next day, in between work at our day jobs, we got to writing. If our blog was a baby, it’d be starting kindergarten. It’s longer than we’ve held one, consistent job, and it’s far longer than we’ve lived in any of our apartments — in Ireland or New York or Philadelphia or DC or France or London.… View Post

travel announcement! one week in northern portugal

Last August, as we floated around the pool at our villa in Spain, cocktails and mocktails in hand and bellies full of manchego, we vowed that a week-long Lazy Travelers’ summer vacation most definitely had to become an annual tradition. With so many of our travels hectically scheduled between other commitments or jammed into weekends, it felt absolutely luxurious to vacation in one place for an entire week. Now, a year later, it’s time to make good on our promise to ourselves. Relaxin’ to the max in Valencia, Spain. When we started telling people that we were planning another European getaway in mid-August — during the peak of tourist season, and thus, the height of… View Post

the colors of lyme regis, dorset // a photo essay

This past weekend, feeling a bit stifled from the recent London heatwave, we made a last-minute decision and hightailed it for the coast. We booked ourselves into a little cottage in a village called Piddletrenthide, situated just outside of Dorchester in the county of Dorset. Naturally, that’s really romanticizing the cottage experience — that part ended up being kind of a letdown, which was really a lesson in why last-minute trips here can be tough. Everything was booked! We made the most of it, though, and relocated for our last night to the South Lodge Hotel in West Sussex — because nabbing a Sunday night res is far easier than Friday or Saturday, who would… View Post

style spotter // summer beauty must-haves

When it comes to summer beauty, we agree on one key factor: less is more. Who wants to feel like their make-up is caked on when you also have to throw sunscreen and sweat into the mix? Pas nous. Even so… we’re not insane — erm, brave enough to go totally bare. With this in mind, here’s what we’re loving right now. purpletale’s 5 Steps to Lovely Skin Complete Facial Solution // Apparently, a suuuuper fun side effect of aging is that your skin wakes up one day and is all, “You think imma elasticize myself, bitch?” and you’re all, “well… you always did before?” Nay, no more. Now, we spend our lives trying to… View Post