24 hours in corning, new york

With the Lazy Travelers split between continents, Sean and I often find ourselves planning our travel around major international cities. Admittedly, I sometimes forget how much there is to do and see in the United States, and especially within driving distance from Philadelphia. I knew I wanted to surprise Sean with a weekend away for his birthday in April, and the usual suspects came to mind: meet Ashley, Jeff, and baby Margot in London for a weekend of pub hopping; plan a quick jaunt to one of our old US favorites like Boston or San Francisco; or maybe somewhere entirely new for both of us like Charleston or New Orleans. And then I thought about a… View Post

a return to españa // in it for the tapas

When it comes to picking our next travel destination, we usually have very limited criteria. Sometimes it’s seasonal, sometimes it’s for a specific event… but usually, we’re just in it for the food. More often than not, if I’m passionate about a specific country or destination, you can guess the food scene has something to do with it. But if we’re really lucky, we end up planning a trip somewhere because the stars align — which is the case for our next little getaway. Jeff & I (and #lazybaby, too!) were invited to a wedding on Spain’s Costa Brava in just a few weeks, and now… all I can dream about is the warm Mediterranean… View Post

an afternoon at the museum // touring musée d’orsay with @parismusetours

While lazy baby seemingly hits a new milestone every day, last month, I hit a few of my own — and fittingly, they happened in Paris! Margot and I survived our first solo travel day together AND our first night away just the two of us… which also happened to be our first solo night ever. I feel like I need this on a t-shirt. To be totally fair, it wasn’t as adventurous as it sounds. Jeff took us to St. Pancras on his quick lunch break, where we caught the Eurostar, and my sister met us at a sweet little apartment in St. Germain first thing the next morning, fresh off her flight from… View Post

travel announcement // grecian girls’ getaway with @MyGreekVilla

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: 2015 was big, big year. From Napa to Cape Town to the French Alps, we had more Lazy Travelers’ getaways than we’ve ever had before. As two best friends who live an ocean apart, it’s important to us to plan as much time together as we can, and letsbehonest… it never hurts if it’s somewhere new and beautiful. You may remember that we spent a week in a private villa on the Costa Blanca in Spain last August, splitting our time between sunbathing, floating in the pool, and eating all the manchego we could get our hands on. Since many of our reunions take place over… View Post

a perfect day in firenze

If you follow us on Instagram and/or Snapchat, then you know one thing to be true: lazy baby‘s entry into the world may have put our travel days on pause this winter, but we’ve certainly been making up for lost time. After her first trip to Cannes in March, we reset the clock and started counting down to our next adventure: a week-long visit with my parents, featuring a mini hop to Italy for three beautiful days in Tuscany. But while Chianti was our real destination, we couldn’t take these two first-timers to Italy without a quick stint in Florence! Like our last trip to Chianti, we flew into Pisa and picked up a rental… View Post