the lazy girls’ guide to @RueBaRue

As we get older — and, we’d like to think, wiser — we’ve learned to prioritize when it comes to travel-planning. Once we’ve settled on a destination, we spend our pre-trip time wisely: finding the perfect hotel (or villa or chalet or château, we’re not picky), picking out a dream destination-specific wardrobe that we probably can’t afford, and figuring out what and where to eat and drink our days away. Us in Paris, not climbing the steps of Sacré-Cœur. This means, though, that we very rarely plan to do anything particularly tourtisty. If we find ourselves standing in front of a monument or walking past an important building? Sure, let’s snap that pic! But going… View Post

le château de la napoule // a photo tour

After our incredible stay at Le Majestic, my body physically rejected leaving — seriously. Somewhere along the way, probably at one of the beachfront restaurants, both the hubs and I contracted food poisoning. This meant I spent the first official day of my 30s cooped up in a hotel room that did not even sort of compare to the one we just left, taking care of an 8-week-old while the hubs spent the day bouncing between meetings… on YACHTS. Listen, I don’t even know who had this one worse, and I’m being serious. Breastfeeding an infant when you can’t keep anything in your stomach is no picnic, but I don’t think you could have paid… View Post

#lazybaby on the go with @LittlePeanutOTG

Like all first-time parents, I spent the week leading up to our first trip with Margot wondering how the hell we were going to function in France without every single thing we’ve gotten used to having on hand for her at home. I’d wake in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, shaking over what we would do without our changing table and nappy bin and bassinet and boppy and THIS SERENITY STAR?! I kid. Mostly. That Serenity Star is awesome. Luckily, Le Majestic made our lives generally easier, but unfortunately, once the hubs’s conference started, we relocated halfway through the week to a hotel that did pretty much the complete opposite. That’s… View Post

because we cannes // lazy baby at le majestic

We made it! We took our 8 week old on a plane, flew to another country, spent a week on the French Riviera, and here we are: back on the other side. Older, wiser, and a little more confident as parents. I have plenty to share about the logistics of our first trip as a family of three, but first! I must sing the praises of the Hôtel Barrière Le Majestic. [ photo via barrière hotels ] Despite getting out the door a bit later than we’d planned, Margot was a dream from the start of our travel day to the moment we touched down in Nice. She slept the entire flight, and I learned… View Post

foodie break // california love at @SaltsCure

One of the best perks of my “real life” job is that I occasionally get to travel, and more often than not, to cities that I love. Back in February, when the east coast cold had me feeling blue, I was happy to escape to Los Angeles for a long weekend, even though I would be working for the majority of my trip. With work events on both Friday and Saturday, I didn’t have too much down-time to enjoy LA, but when traveling for work, I always try to squeeze in at least one or two moments of “me” time to explore the area or enjoy a nice meal. Coincidentally, one of my best friends,… View Post