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Between all the rain this weekend and these photos and recently watching Leap Year (what? don’t judge, that guy is cute), this is making us—especially the wino—extremely nostalgic. Around Counties Galway and Mayo We completely agree that the best view of Paris isn’t from the top of the Eiffel Tower—we both prefer Sacré-Cœur. Though neither one of us has been to Montparnasse 56: Bright Lights of Paris Probs shouldn’t play this game at your desk because you’ll definitely annoy the crap out of your co-workers. Much like the people that take calls exclusively on speaker. What is with that? Can You Match the Popular Restaurant to Its Telephone Hold Music? Hehehehehe.  The Most Pornographic Statues… View Post

jetsetters: b&k

Today’s jetsetters are B&K–fellow New Yorkers (neighbors, in fact!), and the romantic & hubs’s general partners in crime. Though we were all on lockdown for the hurricane-that-wasn’t this weekend and perfectly content to sit inside and gorge ourselves for two days, they, like us, much prefer wining & dining. And by wining & dining, we mean gin & tonics and vodka martinis, extra dirty please. Favorite place you’ve been: K: Amsterdam B: Iceland  More importantly, favorite meal: K: A hot dog from Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur in Reykjavík, Iceland. Icelandic hot dogs are made mostly with lamb and pork, and if you order “the works”, it will be topped with sweet mustard, fried onion, raw onion,… View Post

no travel required

You know we’re extremely pro-staycation around these parts, but we tend to offer up better advice for east coasters. Luckily, Broke Girls Guide to the rescue! Late Summer Staycation: Manhattan Beach Sure, the Great Wall of China in the snow looks pretty, but is it practical? Photo Gallery: World Heritage Sites The romantic & hubs will be moving into 625 Madison Avenue shortly. Maison Laduree brings macarons to UES Helloooo, Examiner, we’ve been saying this for years. Alcohol ‘important to tourism’ Love this–great way to help you shop with a purpose while on vacation and create a space at home that always reminds you of your favorite places. Style as a Souvenir: Parisian Bedroom in… View Post

how to succeed in traveling without really trying.

I love perfect days on vacation. I’ve had many. Blissful, sunny days strolling along the Seine. Days spent wandering through Italian streets, stuffing myself with pasta and gelato. Days driving through the Irish countryside with picture-perfect rolling hills scattered with sheep and castle ruins on the horizon. But what about the non-perfect days? What about the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days? Like the day you’re in Barcelona and your purse is stolen and you’re out of cash? Or the day you’re totally lost and you get a ticket from a German police officer for breaking laws you didn’t know exist? Or the day your flight is cancelled and you lost your luggage and… View Post

no travel required

WELL hello, little travelers. We’re still trying to get back into the swing of things after our weekend on hurricane lockdown. And by “swing of things,” we mean socializing, sunlight, fresh air, and not continuously shoving our face with cheese, wine, and Fairway baguette. We shouldn’t complain, but the biggest damage Irene did was definitely to our waistlines. Lucky for us, these are exactly the photos we want to look at after a rainy weekend with our frenemy Irene (we’re really not THAT mad that she gave us the excuse to eat and eat and eat). La Paz, Mexico: A Photo Essay Isn’t this everything they were screaming at us not to do this weekend?… View Post