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Monday again, so soon? Don’t fret, travelers, that’s why we’re here – to provide you with an escape from the terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day that is Monday. Need we say more? Adding Ye Old Cheshire Cheese to our itinerary. And Harry’s is definitely the best Bellini I’ve ever had. Ten Places You Can Drink Like Your Favorite Writer This is the reason for fireworks over Sacré–Cœur and the missed second act of Gisele! …oh, did I forget to mention the wine festival?  Parisian Wine Celebrated in Montmartre Festival Ohhh just another sunny day at my Italian Farmhouse. Why can’t we live here?? A Sunny Afternoon in an Italian Farmhouse. Reminiscing about the perfect… View Post

a perfect day in galway

I love autumn- this much you know is true. But, as the days get cooler and my life transforms from the laid-back carefree days of summer to the busy hustle and bustle of fall, I jump at the first chance there is to escape on vacation. When I moved to Ireland for my Master’s program, it took maybe two weeks of grad school classes until the Scholar and I were desperate for a reprieve. Because we only had a long weekend and a very limited budget, we chose to stay in Ireland and travel west from Dublin to Galway. We booked a last minute roundtrip bus fare and a room at Snoozles Hostel and happily… View Post