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Adding Havasu Falls in Arizona to our travel bucket list, if only to ride the cute donkeys at the very least. Paradise in Arizona – Havasu Falls Photo Essay  Seriously helpful advice! I spent six semesters studying the language before I moved to Paris aaand it took about three hours into my move to realize my textbook French wasn’t going to cut it! Zut Alors! How to Speak French like a Parisian  No matter how many times we visit Paris, we never get tired of  finding new neighborhoods and places to explore. Rediscovering Paris Following the Serengeti Migration

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In New York, spending a day imagining you’re exploring a new country isn’t difficult. The first summer I lived in Manhattan, my apartment was down on Broome Street with Little Italy on one side and Chinatown on the other.  Now, I work around the corner from Eataly and my tri-weekly walk through the Union Square market always transports me to a small town in some far-off place. Most recently, hubs and I have been finding little pieces of Paris all over Manhattan. 1. Laduree – Sure, this one is super obvious. But along with B, we made the trip a few weekends ago and while it doesn’t compare to eating macarons in Paris, it was… View Post