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India doesn’t come up very frequently on our list of travel-musts, but these pictures are making us seriously reevaluate our priorities! How to Spend 5 Days in Kerala, India Our hearts are breaking over the rumors that Pan Am may be cancelled. What will Sunday nights be without the Captain Dean and Collette romance??? Pan Am Was My Higher Education We thought Biodome was just a (seriously hysterical and underrated) Paulie Shore movie from the 90’s…but apparently it’s very real. Sphere Conquering Because the Wino is in full Christmas swing… Crazy Christmas Lights in Colombia A must for our next London trip, for sure. Want to try 300 Drinks from 5 Different Continents? And more still…… View Post

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Today’s Jetsetter has an alter ego: though her real name is Lauren, her sassier side goes by Lola. A contributor to HuffPo Travel and (two of our favorite sources for No Travel Required), we also recommend checking out Lauren’s personal travel blog for more travel tips and quips: where in the world is lola? And with her list of upcoming trips, we’ll try to put our jealousy aside and keep up. Let us know next time you’re in NYC, Lola! Enjoy! Favorite Place: St. Bart’s, French West Indies – it is tres chic just like Lola. More importantly, favorite meal: A multiple course meal at the Chateau de la Chevre d’Or in Eze Village, French Riviera –… View Post

no travel required

Not-so-secret secret: we love any excuse to act like a tourist. See: the wino’s NYC bucket list and our pro-staycation stance on life.  Tourism for Locals How do you not spend the rest of the day feeling super heebie-jeebie? I’m a mix of impressed and horrified by this traveler. In other news, we can add the “Siam Insect Zoo” to our list of places to avoid forever. My date with a baby scorpion at the Siam Insect Zoo However, on our list of places to go asap, you will now find this: What’s for Dinner at…Dinner by Heston Blumenthal  Oh, and in case you haven’t heard: American Airlines Files for Bankruptcy But it’s ok! There… View Post

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Greetings from the land of the unemployed! Now that I’m temporarily back in Bucks County, I’ve got Christmas on the brain. It’s been all wreaths and cookies and decorating here. Today, I made my way to Peddler’s Village, one of my Bucks County favs, to do some Christmas shopping and to check out the annual Gingerbread house display. This year, my favorites included Hagrid’s Hut and Old McGregor’s farm from Peter Rabbit! The next few days will be busy busy busy while I prepare for my move back to the District. Not too busy to wrap all the presents I just bought, however. D.C. or bust, the wino

no travel required

Well, we’re sold. Especially on the Maldives. Guest Post: 5 Great Stops on a RTW Trip The picture alone had us drooling. 8 awesome Seattle food trucks We’re especially fond of The Cloisters during autumn (aka the only time we’ve been there). Most Beautiful Museum Gardens Around The World (PHOTOS) Can we assume we’ll see headlines like this all the way up through December 22nd of next year? Oh no! Another Mayan prediction of an apocalypse in 2012 is found The caption on our photo of the day reads “Evening sunlight after rain in Berwick upon Tweed from my office window.” MUST BE NICE. (But also, check out all of the other photos on the… View Post