no travel required

We’re not really ok with this. We’re Brooklyn Bridge/Grimaldi’s pros, afterall.  After Landlord Dispute, Grimaldi’s Will Move Next Door  But we are ok with this!! Gracie Mansion is right around the corner… could a pet seal be in our future? Adorable Baby Seal Occupies Mayor’s Mansion We stayed across from the Le Relais de l’Entrecôte in St-Germain and can’t recommend it enough. And definitely adding the rest to the February itinerary!! (Beehives in the Jardin de Luxembourg?!) Seven Secrets of Paris This reminds me so much of Muriel’s Kitchen in London (more details tomorrow!), and looks equally adorable: Leila’s in London We’ll never not love a good timelapse video, and we want to visit every place… View Post

four days in london

I’m not going to say that hubs and I were in a rush to leave Brussels, but I will say that we tried to move our train up to Wednesday and contemplated the £200 fee (I contemplated it, hubs automatically said no. I then contemplated leaving hubs in Brussels). But we stuck it out, and Thursday morning we woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed, and made our way to London via Eurostar. Day 1 – THURSDAY Morning & Afternoon – After our lovely ride through the Belgian and French countrysides, we arrived at St. Pancras Station. This was exactly when my British accent kicked in, govna. And also when I really wished that I… View Post