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Important to note this little quip: “As I have mentioned above, a little patience and a bright cheery manner always works for me!” That shit will get you nowhere in New York, but Godspeed in London. Seven Tips for Travelling London’s Underground 

I almost cried when bundling up in my winter coat this morning, but when I have to do it all over again in a few hours, I’m going to just be glad I don’t live in any of these: Snowiest Cities

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We would happily accept any of these holiday escapes, but this one is pretty much perfection:

Grand Lodge Lobby, Crested Butte


the romantic & the wino

beer pressure

theromanticI’d like to take a moment and pat myself on the back: I’ve come a long way from my Smirnoff Ice-drinking ways of freshman year of college (oooh doesn’t that just make you want to gag?). Though this may be hard to believe, when we planned our October getaway, hubs and I didn’t set out to have such a beer-centric European itinerary. It just happened, we swear it.

When we arrived in Amsterdam, we had no choice but to visit the World of Heineken:


From there, things spiraled quickly out of control. Seriously, check out what happened in Bruges:

primus (2)

After our first pint on the square, we had to try the locally-brewed Zot (and eventually visit the brewery!)

zot (3)

And what is a trip to Belgium if you don’t have at least one Chimay?

chimay (4)

Lest you think I’m exaggerating, we stumbled upon a wall showcasing every Belgian beer to ever exist. Seriously, this is what we were working with for 4 days:

beer wallAll this taste-testing led to the discovery of one of the hubs’s new favorites:


Then, as we made our way to Brussels, we were once again forced–FORCED!–to stop at a bar on Grand Place and people watch. IT’S WHAT YOU DO.



Know what else you do in Brussels? Go to Delirium Cafe.


And know what you do at Delirium Cafe? Try an inappropriate amount of beer from their phonebook size menu.

more delirium
ESPECIALLY one called cookie beer that tastes exactly like a speculoos cookie. More strange than yum, I should add. Imagine literally drinking a sugar cookie.

cookie beer

Lucky for everyone, we did not opt for the fishbowl beer concoctions they were offering up, because we watched the table next to ours as they made the attempt. I assume this is what the glass looked like to them as well:

delirious delirium

We kept it simple.


By this point, if you can imagine, I was a little beered out… but hubs kept on pushing through upon arrival in London.

greene king

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately now that we’re like 15 pictures in?), I forgot to capture the rest of the hubs’s London adventures in beer. Just picture a lot of dark beers and more than a few pints of Guinness.

With that, I officially cap off our 10-day European adventure of 2k11 and begin my new countdown: to Paris! (63 days if you would like to count with me).

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