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We can relate to this post, though we’re not sure we’re as happy about it. Finding a balance, I guess? My Priorities (or Why I’m Not a Full Time Travel Blogger) Though this was interesting to read right after the previous post. Both are super insightful. Hitting the Wall We’re very happy to say that we will not be in New York for New Year’s (been there, done that and it’s nothing but anxiety), but for those of you who are stronger than us: Where to Eat Dinner on New Year’s Eve in New York City FINE we believe you. Island Week! Is There Anywhere More Gorgeous Than the South Pacific? Island week or not,… View Post

jetsetters: @2travelaholics – part one

That’s right, travelers. We have a two-part jetsetters cliffhanger happening this week. It’s getting serious around here. This week’s jetsetter is the mrs. half of the 2travelaholics, and we’re particularly jealous of this traveling duo. In the midst of planning for their Round The World trip departing this coming June, we’re excited to follow along on twitter and their blog as they map out their next adventure. Without further ado… Mrs. Travelaholic: Favorite Place: Vancouver. I went there a lot growing up and really love the city and its people. More importantly, favorite meal: Without a doubt: sushi. I could eat it all the time. Mackerel is my favorite. The moment you caught the travel… View Post