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Love these tips even if you’re not planning a full RTW.  5 Easy Ways to Save Money We’re not that into driving ourselves around, per se, but we are all about being the classy looking passengers. (In the romantic’s case, this means the one passed out and probably drooling. CANNOT STAY AWAKE IN A MOVING CAR). World’s Most Thrilling Drives Isn’t it the worst when you’re traveling, and your host plops something complimentary down in front of you that you just do NOT want to eat? But you know you have to because it’d be rude otherwise? Travel Diary of a Picky Eater We had a similar experience with Rome! Talking to Strangers in Barcelona Most… View Post

how to plan the perfect new year’s eve (we hope)

I think it’s a pretty universal feeling, but New Year’s Eve has always stressed. me. OUT. There’s so much pressure to have it be the MOST AMAZING NIGHT OF THE YEAR, and really? It’s always just weird. This year, we vowed to keep things simple and though we won’t know for sure for another week and a half, I have a feeling this is going to work out much better for us than the last few years. Maybe I’m counting my chickens before they hatch (or whatever. I hate that saying but it’s Monday), but I do feel like I’m already coming away from this planning process with a few recommendations: Hubs and I… View Post