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Well didn’t he handle this with aplomb. We would have told that first lady what we REALLY thought and then tried to convince Southwest we deserve free airfare for life. A funny letter of complaint to an airline with an unusual response from customer service We both felt this way about Florence. Maybe it was the wine and carbo-loading, but it felt like home. 5 Bohemian Cities that Feel like Home Really, guys? #1 song that should be on all cruise ships’ DO NOT PLAY list: My Heart Will Go On. #2 is anything by Train because let’s be honest, I would rather jump. Costa Concordia Passenger: Titanic Theme Played As Ship Hit Rocks First… View Post

selling out to the all-inclusives?

Hubs and I have never been attracted to the idea of all-inclusive resorts. They’re on par with cruises in our minds: might be great when we’re older and have kids and really do want to just sit by a pool or a beach on our one vacation of the year… but for now? Not for us. SO we booked one last night! I know. But about a month ago, we were reminiscing with B&K about our weekend in St. Thomas. We obviously concluded that another tropical vacation was necessary, and thus began the research. Adventurers at heart, we looked at everything from a treehouse in Belize to a mountainside resort in Nicaragua to renting a… View Post