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no travel required

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So many emotions while reading about each restaurant. Mostly either “COOL!” or “EWWWWW.” Seriously, who thought up the toilet concept? We want to punch you. Weird Restaurants We both love and hate lists like this. Love that it adds new places to our must-see lists, hate when we have to admit that we’ve seen zero of these in our travels thus far. 10 places you should visit before you die In the spirit of President’s Day today, we’ve seen our fair share of posts on presidential birthplaces and tourist attractions around the US. This is far more up our...

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adventures in wine tasting: ô chateau, paris

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While in the midst of not planning our Parisian weekend, I came across this post about Ô Chateau and immediately sent it along to the hubs. As expected, he replied with a reservation confirmation and a “WOO HOOOOO!” Like the wino, the hubs and I have had our share of boozy adventures, and we’ve slowly been able to expand our list of wine/beer likes and dislikes, as well as add a few techniques into the mix. For one, hubs is a huge fan of “letting wine breath.” This is unfortunate for me, because I’m a huge fan of asking for another pour. Ô Chateau was a...

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