no travel required

 travelWe love this. Next time a non-traveler says “ahh, I’m so jealous you studied abroad/are going here/take all your vacation time,” we’re sending them this. If I Can Travel the World, Anyone Can Well, handy dandy. Twitter tips for travellers The romantic & hubs bought a French tabloid in Charles de Gaulle and it was surprisingly helpful in learning French slang! Language Tips for the Bohemian Traveler Aerial view, Hill Inlet, Whitehaven Beach, Whitsundays.Photo credit: Tourism Whitsundays. xo! the romantic & the wino

countdown to the reunion!

I’ve been trying to brainstorm ideas for a post for the last two hours but my mind is all clouded with excitement for my weekend! In approximately 36 hours the romantic and the wino will be reunited for the first time in THREE MONTHS! This may be our longest tenure apart since we lived across the Atlantic from each other. And booooy do we have plans! By plans, I mean the romantic may have sent me a text with her weekend requirements: wine and cheese. Done and done. Look, we don’t ever set out to be completely irresponsible, but more often than not, our plans take a turn for the lazy pretty early on (see:… View Post