no travel required

Until we can afford first class, let’s just put ALL the babies up there. Do first class and babies mix? “He once told me that he was there to provide safety and security, not to run a charm school.” We’re going to start saying this at our jobs and see how it goes. We’re guessing the wino’s babysittees will not appreciate. Confessions of a former TSA agent A caviar and champagne safari via bike is one of those things that makes us wonder how people come up with these things? Wondercool Copenhagen And we imagine that taking the Inter Rail would be one of those things that sounds so exciting and romantic and then you get there and… View Post

a very dc/rockville reunion: a lesson in being a hostess with the mostest

Was this weekend a mirage? Did a Lazy Travelers reunion really happen, or was it a dream to remind me how much more fun my life was when I had a third roomie? I mean, the wino had to sleep on an air mattress and the hubs had to deal with being ganged up on 120% of the time, so maybe they’ll feel differently, but things I miss: November 2011. Side bar: the wino’s boyfriend needs an alias and will not appreciate if I go back to calling him LL, even if it IS in honor of the first time we met. The wino had told me he was the heir to LL Bean and… View Post