bucket list takedown: luke’s lobster

thewino1My favorite thing in the world, second only to drinking wine, is trying new foods. It’s no coincidence that many of my travel stories revolve around restaurants and cafes and a good number of my bucket list items have to do with food. See: Luke’s Lobster.

This little gem of a food truck has been the object of my fascination since my move here last September. The Romantic and I avidly follow their tweets, anxiously awaiting their location announcement each day. And what luck! On Tuesday afternoon, they were parked only blocks from our office. A quick walk and $17 dollars later, I had a famous Luke’s Lobster roll all to myself.

What WASN’T lucky was my severe Halloween hangover-induced bout of nausea that I happened to be suffering from all morning long. Not surprisingly, copious amounts of lobster did not sit very well in my belly.

I will say, hangover or not – as far as lobster rolls go, this one was tops. Seriously fresh lobster, a secret blend of spices, a buttery warm bun, and a pickle on the side? Heaven. Sure, I could only stomach half (pawned off the other half to @EdwardSchmit), but I can say without a doubt that Luke’s Lobster is all it’s cracked up to be.

Happy friday, travelers!

the wino


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  1. ciableu
    November 4, 2011 / 11:45

    Nice. If only I could eat lobster! I notice the family photo in the background 🙂

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