bucket list takedown: the high line

thewino1I’m sad to say that this weekend I said goodbye to my pretty little Upper East Side apartment with exposed brick and a fireplace. After a treacherous 36-hour move from Manhattan to Pennsylvania in the October Blizzard (?!?!) I returned to the city on Sunday and started my three and a half week stint as a hobo.

Being homeless in New York City has its perks. My bank account surely enjoys the break from paying rent, and staying at the Romantic’s place means good food and wine almost every night. But the hard truth is that I’m living out of a bag (or like, four bags) and my days in the Big Apple are quickly passing by. So, with three weekends left, I’m shifting all my focus on my NYC Bucket List.

I’m proud to say that one day after posting my bucket list for all the world to see, I was able to cross off the High Line. True, I only walked about two blocks, but I think I got the gist. Artsy fauna, lots of dogs, people drinking coffee and reading the paper…check, check, annnd check. It’s not incredibly surprising that I ditched the High Line for the Standard Biergarten, which was worth every last penny.

Today, we’re planning on hitting up Luke’s Lobster truck to help fight our post-Halloween haze, and this weekend, the Romantic and I will try to cross off a few more places on my list. In the meantime, we’ll spend our nights drinking wine and cooking our way through the Sputino’s Italian cookbook.

Until then, I’ll leave you with a little Halloween treat. Can you tell what we are?

the wino


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  1. the Hubs
    November 1, 2011 / 17:52

    Hello Wino, goodbye liver.

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