the wino’s return

theromanticIt shouldn’t be a surprise that the wino & I have what some might call, um, “big dreams.” A little under a year ago, we were overcome by a serious case of transatlantic wanderlust. We’re talking small business brainstorms and budget proposals and a full on plan to take over the world, all presented to the hubs. As you may have noticed, we did not move across the pond. I blame our lack of fluency in another language. It’s much easier to stay put and speak English in the US than open a boutique in Paris, you know?

BUT, in all that time of dreaming about our proposed life as Dublin bookshop owners and self-employed Florentine baristas, the wino accomplished something I have not: the girl made moves. From New York to Rockville to Philadelphia, she’s bounced around the Eastern Seaboard like the travel pro she is.

If you follow us on twitter (or, you know, know us in real life) then this won’t come as a surprise, but it’s no less exciting than it was yesterday:

The wino has returned to New York! INDEFINITELY!

Can you feel the excitement?

So, what does this mean for you? It means double the staycation fun, double the Manhattan tips, and more of our favorite weekend escapes.

It also means even more pictures of us together, and now that we show our faces, you should be pretty excited. Especially with fall coming:

Cheers & here’s to you, wino! It’s good to have you back.


the romantic



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