hear hear! we’re back from hiatus!

the-romantic-the-winoWhat a coincidence (or not) that our first post in days falls on a #winewednesday! Surely we’ve earned many, many, many glasses over the last week. Thanks to hurricanes and work events and nor’easters, our brains are still in a daze, and thus, can not properly articulate what has been going on in the Lazy Travelers’ universe in the past week.

Let’s try to review:

  • Sandy effed up our city. Like, seriously. Though the Upper East Side turned out to be a damage-free bubble, both of our offices and many of our friends were without power and heat for all of last week, making the UES and our apartments the places to be. Obviously, this turned into many late nights and many drunk days. When the lights came back up on Saturday morning, our worlds went topsy-turvy, and we’re still recuperating.
  • We hit the one-month-out mark for our European adventure! We didn’t properly celebrate (shaking our fists at you, real-life jobs!!) but rest assured, we’re busy firming up our itinerary, and we can’t wait to share!

…when we started this post, there were definitely going to be more bullet-points, detailing the hilarity of our lives and blah blah, but this has damn near worn us out.

So, stay tuned, readers, and bear with us as we get back into the swing of thigns. We’re not going anywhere. Just waking up very slowly from a wind-blown, wine-induced, real-life-responsibilities haze.

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the romantic & the wino

PS. In all seriousness (and we’re rarely all serious), we consider ourselves so lucky for the minimal impact Sandy had on our lives compared to so many others. Please take the time to donate to the Red Cross or another disaster-relief organization to help the thousands of people who are displaced from their homes.



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