it was christmastime in the city (and country)

theromanticHOW on earth is Christmas already over? This weekend was so relaxing and everything Christmas should be but WHERE DID IT GO? Lucky for everyone, the rules of Christmas festivities clearly state that you’re allowed to celebrate all the way up through January 2nd, so I’m going to relive our Christmas, via photo essay.

It started about a week ago with our skinny little tree on the Upper East Side,

with pug in his little Christmas sweater,

…and I in my new Louboutins (!) (and also pajamas because girl was not prepared for such a fancy Christmas).

Then this weekend, we made our way to Bucks County, where gingerbread Santa Sleighs awaited (the in-progress photos are much better than the final result… ay yi yi).

The trees were a little bit bigger in Bucks County…

but the pug, unsurprisingly, was the same level of spoiled when it came to Christmas presents.

Hubs and I can’t complain–we were pretty spoiled ourselves. Favorite gifts? A shiny gold passport cover to make it easier to find in my monstrous bag, packing cubes to keep us organized (told you I was trying to be better), and some serious gift cards to flush out our wardrobe and negate any actual packing organization we were hoping to achieve.

Any other travel-related gifts? Anyone celebrate anywhere exciting (and warm?)? Tell us your Christmas stories!


the romantic


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  1. the Hubs
    December 27, 2011 / 14:44

    I got a winter hat for our upcoming Poconos ski trip!

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