laws to travel by – #10


Trust your gut.

When it comes to travel advice, this one is pretty common. We find, though, that when people remind you to trust your instincts, they usually mean in terms of safety… and maybe this is our inner city girl talking but we feel like that’s a little “duh,” you know? Don’t stay anywhere you don’t feel safe, don’t go near anyone you think may be a creep, and don’t hang out in seedy neighborhoods at night. But we also pay attention to what our gut is telling us when it comes to making plans. You scheduled a day at the museum but would rather eat gelato and stroll along the Arno? Do it. Don’t force yourself to go see something that you’re not feeling. If it’s a flop, you’ll just regret the wasted day, and who knows where you’ll find yourself with a new free day ahead of you?


the romantic & the wino


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