laws to travel by – #18


Learn to say “hello.”

Yes, learning the key words of the local language is important, but that’s not our main point, here. As two city girls, we’re not big into engaging strangers–and making polite conversation with anyone on public transportation is decidedly a no-no. BUT. When traveling in a new place, we need to push our usual reservations out of the way and open up a little bit. We may still keep to ourselves on mass transit, but when sitting at a local pub or stopping at a cafe for a mid-day cup of coffee (or, let’s be honest, glass of wine), turn to your neighbors, smile, and say hello.


the romantic & the wino


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  1. July 10, 2012 / 08:13

    Totally agree with your advice. I always make an effort and learn how to say hello and thank you. And sometimes goodbye. And of course “how much does it cost”. I don’t know how to ask for sizes as it would entail a lot more knowledge.

    But you get the point 😉
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