laws to travel by – #26


Don’t over think it. 

We speak from experience, travelers.

When we woke up last Thursday, it was a just normal day–nursing our hangovers, sending sassy e-mails. We had no idea that in a matter of hours we would be a little over two months away from five days in Switzerland. Sure, things magically fell into place in this case, but also: we weren’t quick to overanalyze, list all the reasons why we shouldn’t go, or spend 24 hours thinking things through.

We’re not saying don’t seriously think about your travel decisions, but seriously… don’t over think it either.


the romantic & the wino



  1. October 24, 2012 / 04:25

    Just discovered your blog & I’m really enjoying reading it! Totally agree about not over thinking it. My fiancé and I have booked so many trips while drunk. Mind you, we’ve discussed them beforehand, but a few glasses of wine makes pulling the trigger a lot easier! (except when you have to get lufthansa to re-send your flight details because you spelled your email address wrong)

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