laws to travel by – #27


Know how you want to spend your money.

It was a cruel day when we realized that we weren’t secretly born to wealthy aristocrats waiting to reveal themselves as our benefactors on our eighteenth birthday.

This really messed with a lot of our life plans (will we seriously never own our own islands?!), but it did teach us one thing: budgets are, unfortunately, kind of necessary.

Before you call bullshit on our whole anti-planning way of life, we’re not talking strict Excel-sheet budgets (despite the hubs’s best efforts to instill this in both of our lives). Instead, we like to have a general idea of how much we want to spend per day and then decide how much of that we want to spend on accommodations, excursions, and alcohol.

Because even worse than coming back from vacation? Coming back from vacation and realizing you spent three months worth of rent and will be sharing food with your cat (or pug!) for the next twelve weeks.


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