laws to travel by – #39

the-romantic-the-winoIt’s ok if everything goes wrong.

Last week, the romantic broke her second camera lens cover in two weeks, snapped her favorite sunglasses completely in half, and found out her new MacBook Air is a complete and total lemon with a useless hard drive… leading to lost photos from the first two weeks of their RTW.

Clearly, any one of these things causes stress, and while you’re traveling, having them happen all at once could lead to a full blown meltdown. Instead, look at the bright side. Frustrating things are going to happen wherever you are in the world, and a bad day while traveling is still better than an ok day at work… right?


the romantic & the wino



  1. April 7, 2013 / 22:19

    Oh no…had the same problem walking the Camino – too many photos fried my Air early on! I can’t solve the problem for you, although if you are able to find an Apple Store, they should be able to still get them! (Did it say your disk is full? We were able to recover most of my stuff, but I am not at all a tech person so don’t have much advice for you) I would buy some memory sticks and store them there, not on the computer and get an external hard drive when you have a chance! I so feel your pain!
    Hope things smooth out so you can keep sharing your amazing trip!
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  2. April 8, 2013 / 16:47

    thanks anita! it’s been suuuper annoying, but luckily the wino is here to keep LT on track and the hubs is here to keep my sanity in check haha. fingers crossed i have the same luck as you–right now it won’t go past a scary gray screen with a blinking folder 🙁

    will know more when we get to sydney next week!
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