laws to travel by – #55


Go to those in the know.

Back when we started this here blog, we had one goal: share silly anecdotes from our travels, and maybe offer some helpful (sage/wise/any worldly adjective will do, really) advice for our friends and families embarking on their own adventures.

But a surprising bonus? We’ve met so many amazingly helpful and kick-ass travelers who have shaped our own travel plans. Nowadays, when we start planning a trip, we skip good old reliable Google. Our guide books of yesteryear have gathered a thick layer of dust!

Instead, we go straight to the source: our fellow travelers. Yesterday, we hit an exciting milestone on Twitter (5k, ow owww!), and while we’re deeply flattered, we’re also just really pumped that we have access to that many travel geniuses.

Cheers to you, you traveling pros!


the romantic & the wino


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