#LTGoWithOh bucket list item 5

the-romantic-the-winoIt’s #LTgowithoh bucket list item time! We don’t mean to brag, but the countdown to our epic reunion adventure is under ONE MONTH away. Cha, we know. Ridiculous.

This means our bucket list is growing by the minute. We’ll try not to overwhelm you, but know this. The number of planning posts is going to increase in direct proportion with our level of excitement. You have been warned.

So,what else must we do while traversing Eastern Europe for the very first time?

Visit Prague.


Photo Credit: the lovely Leah Travels

We’ve said it from the very beginning: we’re drawn to Vienna for its proximity to other key cities in Eastern Europe. As Prague has always been near the tippy top of our list of cities to explore, how could we pass up the chance to hop a train to a city with a castle that teeters above it? We can’t, and this is why–at the end of our weeklong stay in our Viennese apartment–we’re making our way to the Czech Republic for two quick nights of exploring (and beer bingeing, le duh).


Photo Credit: G&Q of GQ Trippin (WHO got engaged in this fine city!)

Any recs and must-sees? You know we depend on you people. Leave ’em in the comments!


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