#LTselects: the inn at hastings park


Guys. We’ve found our new favorite hotel. Like. Obsessed. This is not an understatement. But before we dive into our stay at The Inn at Hastings Park, let’s backtrack.

You know how, post-trip, the very first question from friends and family is, “What was your favorite part?!”? And have you noticed that, for some reason, no one ever seems very receptive to, “EVERYTHING!!!!!”?

Realistically, though, you probably do have a favorite, right? It can be a hotel, a restaurant, or a single moment. But these are the things you’re going to think of first when you look back on a trip.

So today, we’re introducing a new feature that we hope will highlight the best of our best. There were so many things we loved about our #LTeastcoast summer reunion, but it has been decided: The Inn at Hastings Park takes the cake.

Without further ado, welcome to the very first edition of….

#LTselects - Inn at Hastings ParkThe selection // The Inn at Hastings Park in Lexington, Massachusetts, 15 miles from Boston.

The basics // A perfectly adorable boutique inn in a quintessential New England town.

The Inn - BestiesThe details // It’s impossible to step foot into the Inn and not immediately notice the decor. Every inch, from the reception to each unique room, makes you feel completely at home.

Robin Gannon Interiors - Inn at Hastings ParkEmbarrassing secret? Despite the fact that it was July, we were so dying to don the robes and use the woven blankets. Naturally, we turned the AC down as low as it would go. Then, we cranked on the fireplaces, and cozied up to… Jaws 2. Because that’s what is on TV in the middle of summer.

The Inn at Hastings Park - RoomsNerd alert aside, we asked the staff about the aesthetic, and they directed our attention toward Robin Gannon Interiors. After we gushed, they told us to take our compliments straight into town and check out Robin’s store, Haven. We lucked out and met Robin in the flesh, annnnnd we pretty much want her to style our lives.

The must-sees // Because we are good lil Americans, we didn’t want to miss the Lexington Battle Green.  Where the shot heard ’round the world was first… heard! Where the fight for liberty began! NBD.

LexingtonBUT THE REAL MUST-SEE? Ok, it’s actually a must-eat, and that would be breakfast at the Inn’s Artistry on the Green. Daily omelet for the wino, poached duck egg for the hubs, vanilla pancakes for the romantic. Oh, and a side of red flannel hash for everyone!

Breakfast - Artistry on the GreenWe’re dreaming of it all, right now.

That extra-special something // THE ROBES. Hands down, best hotel robes ever. We’re currently investigating how to get our paws on some of our very own.

Fun fact // The Inn is comprised of three historic buildings, all of which date back to the late 1800s. The Main House makes the biggest impression, with winding little hallways leading to quirky seating areas. Our rooms were in the Isaac Mulliken House. This house dates back to 1841, making it the oldest on the property. (Euro friends: yes HUH that is old). We didn’t get to see The Barn, but it’s rumored to have once housed a casket factory. So we’re just gonna go ahead and assume it’s haaaauuunted, ooooh spoooooky!

Isaac Mulliken

Getting there // We rented a car in NYC and drove up, true Northeast roadtrip style. It took a bit longer than expected thanks to some rush hour traffic, but was the perfect pre-Boston pitstop. Also, important sidenote, pizza is not a responsible or manageable roadtrip food. Learn from us, friends.

Book it // Deluxe rooms start at $250. The hardest decision will be picking which unique room you want for your stay. We loved our one night here, and really, really wish we had time for a second. It was the perfect intro to our summer weekend in New England. Though, we suspect it would be the most magical during a leaf peeping and apple picking escape. Can you imagine it when the leaves are a-changing?! OR, even better: a snowy, winter weekend, ideally at Christmastime. Honestly, when can we move in?!

And that’s a wrap on our very first #LTselects! Thoughts? Feelings? Things you want us to include next time? It’s a work in progress, and there’s just nothing we love more than some constructive feedback.

(Except unabashed praise, we love that more.)


the romantic & the wino

– Thank you to the team at Visit Boston for alerting us to the magic of Lexington, and to Inn at Hastings Park for inviting us to spend the night! Clearly, we enjoyed ourselves, and all opinions are our own. …but seriously, where can we get the robes?



  1. Pam Hoffman
    September 8, 2014 / 13:33

    I loved your #LTselects post about the Inn at Hastings Park. You captured the feel of the Inn perfectly. Many of us who live in Lexington (myself included) also want to move into the Inn!

  2. Terri Mulliken Allen
    December 10, 2015 / 01:53

    Which Isaac Mulliken was this house named for?

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