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the-romantic-the-winoWELL WHATEVER. It’s the easiest and cheapest to get to from the Upper East Side and we are all about convenience. La Guardia worst US airport

As if we didn’t already have lifelong dreams to own a travel bookshop and fall in love with Hugh Grant, these photos do not help. And yes, we combined the characters for our dream. Julia Roberts’ life in that movie was not the enviable one. Notting Hill

Maybe we’re biased since this is our hometown, but still! You should go! Strawberry Festival launches Peddler’s Village’s 50th birthday

Very important thing to read and keep in mind. It’s too easy to get sucked into travel blogs and daydreaming and not realize just how lucky you are to even have the option. No, Not Everyone Can Travel – A Bubble Burster

Personally, today’s daydreams will be focused here:

Norway Day 6 – Up the Coast and out to Sea


the romantic & the wino


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