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We’re both pretty pale (ok, fine, REALLY pale), so we’re a little embarrassed that we never thought of the sunblock stick option. 10 Things to Pack That Will Save You Money 

Ugh, we don’t want to talk about it. Flying to Europe This Summer? Not with these Tickets Prices, Fees and Taxes

One thing we definitely know: we want to go to Peru for real, for real. 10 Things you might not know about Peru

Also climbing higher and higher on our list. Backpacking South East Asia – Even You Can Do It

Seriously, all the signs are pointing to yes:

The pristine bay of Ao Noi on the island of Ko Phi-Phi Don. Photo by Catherine Sutherland


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  1. iamatticusfinch
    May 15, 2012 / 15:29

    one of the best photos i’ve seen this day.

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    A million thanks!

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