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the-romantic-the-winoOooh Monday. Monday, Monday, Monday. You always manage to sneak up on us. And as always, we’re already counting down the seconds until this work week comes to a close. Who’s with us?

Peru, we’ll make it to you someday. The amazing diversity of the Peruvian Amazon

The more we read, the higher this place moves up on our list. Balthazar Restaurant NYC – A Mini Review

The romantic is convinced San Francisco is completely her style, but the wino says she’s not hippie enough. Which is true. But still. 24 hours in… San Francisco

We have yet to test out the American roadtrip dream, but the hubs has been pushing this for years. Ten Historic Road Trip Routes in the United States

Route 66 between Peach Springs, AZ and Seligman, AZ.
Photo courtesy of Chuck Coker via Flickr.


the romantic & the wino


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