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the-romantic-the-winoHere’s what has us daydreaming today:

Is it November yet? We’re always trying to find out what cities are accessible during layovers, this is genius: Coming November 21: The Layover

Having lived in 3 of the top 7 cities, we can attest to this list. But they should do “most walkable AND cleanest” because DC would rank way higher: D.C. among top 10 most walkable cities

We’ll be enjoying the views of the Delaware Scenic Byway this weekend!: Are We There Yet? Who Cares! Enjoy the View

If you pay for our dinner, we’ll write you a really good review:Here Is a List of 25 Very Expensive Restaurants in the US

Ahhh Ireland. Also recommended: The Milestone House in Dingle. Barb and Michael are amazing and we still dream about Michael’s homemade soda bread and rhubarb jam. This makes our stay sound kind of romantic but we swear it wasn’t: Michele’s Hot Deals in Ireland 2011

Having suffered quit the case of food poisoning in Cairo, hubs can tell you that these seemingly common sense rules are very important. (DAMN THOSE ICE CUBES): Four Points to Always Remember When Dining in Developing Countries


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