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 “Beer and wine in other countries may contain more or less alcohol content than in the United States. Pay attention to the effects of all drinks. Moderation is the safest course of action.” Oops. Food Safety: How to Avoid Getting Sick While Traveling

Wah wah wah. I looked it up, and the sign was built in 1923 so it’s not like they built it after these people moved in. Try working anywhere near Rockefeller Center during Christmas and then talk to me about wanting a “Tourist-Free Zone.” Cranky Angelenos Want to Create ‘Tourist-Free Zone’ Around the Hollywood Sign

Ok WELL, what am I supposed to do when I’m in Cairo, and I opt to take my own paper towel instead of one from the attendant because I didn’t notice her right away? I didn’t KNOW she would stop me, ask me for a tip, and refuse to believe me when I apologized and explained that my bag was back at the table. Are Guys Better Tippers? The Hotel On Rivington Thinks So

We would be willing to try the slimming face roller. Only because it looks so fun.  8 crazy diet schemes from around the world

Sooo how do we go about getting our own show? Can Wine TV Succeed?


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