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the-romantic-the-winoA cheaper alternative? Liquor in a brown bag & a nighttime ride on the always free Staten Island Ferry. You laugh but this was, like, 80% of the romantic’s college experience. Redhead Reviews: New York Harbor Champagne Cruise Using Get Your Guide

This may not be 100% travel-related, but if you’re considering a career break to travel, this might be helpful in finalizing your decision. 20 Ways to Find Your Calling

Also not explicitly travel-related but but BUT: how awesome would this be on a flight? Little kid won’t stop kicking your seat? AIR NINJA. Someone hacking all over your airplane food? AIR NINJA. Actually…we want to BE air ninjas. Movie Theater Uses Ninjas To Deal With Rude People

Well, this is all kinds of helpful! Except the one about the handicapped room feels wrong. Isn’t that like parking in the handicapped space when you really don’t need to? Otherwise! Great tips: 13+ Hotel Secrets You Need to Know

It’s sunny in New York today, but last night’s rain wasn’t so bad (aka we were warm and cozy and inside):


the romantic & the wino


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