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the-romantic-the-winoWhy hello! Happy Monday, happy post-Thanksgiving, happy return to the grind. The usual.

Let’s get to it, then?

This all sounds very involved, but we’re sure the views are worth it. Trekking the National Parks of Queensland

It seems that you can get through this class without making out with a fish yourself, so we’re probs in. THE CHEF WHO KISSES FISH

We love free things! And we’re pretty sure we’d love Seville, too. Free things to do in Seville

Alternative title: “Three Reasons the Lazy Travelers Are Positive They’d Love Prague.” Three Things I’ll Miss About Prague

The wino may or may not be scheming how to make this exact itinerary happen. Someone has a not-so-secret “Made in Chelsea” obsession, it’s true. How to Live the Made in Chelsea Lifestyle on a London Break

It’s already Christmas in wino-land!
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