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the-romantic-the-winoHappy New Year, travelers! Don’t worry, we’ll still be providing you will your daily dose of NTR in 2013. And because we’re in official January Jumpstart mode (aka re-organizing our lives to be healthier, which means deprivation in pretty much all forms) we might even throw in a few extra links.

Good news for travelers everywhere! Flying Became Much Safer in 2012

We almost always go the “companion” route, but neither of us have ever really traveled solo. Travel Options: Solo vs. Companion vs. Group

We like to do #1. Always. 5 Secrets to Taking Better Travel Portraits

It’s a thing. National Cream Puff Day

For those of you that are experiencing frigid winter temperatures like we are in New York: Amazing Private Pools

How and where did you spend your New Years Eve? New Year’s Celebrations Around the Globe

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the wino spent her new years eve in snowy bucks county, pennsylvania
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