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the-romantic-the-winoChello, it’s like the MTA says, people. “A crowded train is no excuse for unlawful sexual conduct.” Let’s get Benson & Stabler on this, stat. Women Only Trains – A Solution To Potential Groping

There’s no mention of the CREEPY CLOWN STATUES in the title, so you have been properly warned. Also, this hostel doesn’t sound much different than our Geneva experience. Well, except for the saws. Rotorua: Bugs, Saws and a Dodgy Hostel

No no no no no NO NO NO. ‘Imitation Calamari’ Investigated By ‘This American Life,’ Suggested To Have Dubious, Pork-Based Origin

In the ongoing debate of yes cruises vs. no cruises, Craig picks yes. One Reason to Take A Caribbean Cruise – Half Moon Cay

So, like, our dream basically. Champagne and Hot Air in Africa

Screen shot 2013-01-17 at 10.25.43 AMWhy hello, midtown. Check this view from the private apartments at the Setai. Can be yours for just $12.5M!
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