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the-romantic-the-winoMonday AGAIN?? Harumpf. To add insult to injury, the wino is busier than normal at her “real world” job, and the romantic is somewhere in the South Pacific (we can assume Fiji) but without internet connection, so we’re having a particularly difficult Monday. Never fear, that’s why we have NTR. Enjoy!

I mean, these pictures. 27 of the deepest canyons you can explore

She’s so mature about not seeing the Northern Lights. We’d def give Santa an earful. 8 Things You Didn’t Know About Northern Lapland

Nooo no no no no no. No. Scientists Unravel Mystery of Flying Squid

You know what we’d be really good at? Drunk public art tours. The Best 9 Cities to See Cool Public Art


Snapshot from the romantic’s latest escapades in Hawaii! Follow us both here: the romantic & the wino


the romantic & the wino

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