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the-romantic-the-winoSolution: send The Lazy Travelers’ to all of these sites and we’ll attempt, single-handedly, to save them from vanishing! But like, also, can’t you totally see Daenerys Targaryen hanging in Nineveh? 12 Ancient Landmarks on the Verge of Vanishing

Personally, we’d visit any time of the year, but nothing beats springtime in Paris. 7 Great Tips for Visiting Paris in Springtime

A pub inside of a tree?! We must try this. Big Baobab Bar: The World’s Only Bar That’s Inside a Tree

We’ve tried afternoon tea before, and we’re BIG FANS. Stepping Out in London: Afternoon Tea at the Horseguards Hotel

Citadel Hue Vietnam

The romantic spent her weekend exploring the Citadel in Hue, Vietnam
You can see what the wino did with her weekend here.


the romantic & the wino




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