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the-romantic-the-winoFor someone who sports a fancy schmancy camera (coughtheromanticcough), taking travel photos is easy. For people like me, who are lucky if they snap one or two photos on their blackberries, this is helpful. 19 Tips for Better Travel Photos

I’ll take any of these, please. Especially any involving polar bears. Best Fall Trips 2011

Sticking to my “drink across the globe” theme today. California’s Ghost Wineries

As if i need another reason to want to go to Patagonia. A Glacial Ice Bar in Patagonia

I can’t get over my obsession with seeing the Himalayas, so I’ve spent my Tuesday afternoon drooling over these excursions. Christmas present?! Himalayan Footsteps

Aaaand to go with my drinking theme for today:

Paradise in Paris


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