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the-romantic-the-winoTrust us, when you and your travel companion are different types of travelers, big drama can ensue. Doing your homework ahead of time definitely helps! When You and Your Travel Companion  Clash

Ohhh just another day riding my camel through Mongolia. Plains of Inner Mongolia

Amen, sister. On Travel and Body Image

Ummm we’ve heard of red velvet, but red wine cake? Could definitely jump on this bandwagon. Red Wine Chocolate Cake

We’d kill for a reservation at Rao’s. Until then, we’re fans of buying their sauce at Fairway. Hard-to-Score Restaurant Reservations Across the US

Soooo Grindelwald is a real place and NOT just a wizard in Harry Potter? A Day Out in the Swiss Alps

Travel Photo of the Day

Greek Island



  1. ciableu
    October 14, 2011 / 09:31

    I travel, explore and learn so much from your posts and links (and their links, and their links, and so on and so on). Love it! Thanks ladies!

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