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the-romantic-the-winoWELL THERE GOES OUR SUMMER PLANS. God dammit, Ritz Paris. Ritz Paris to shut for two-year ‘unprecedented renovation’

We were with you until “If you’re interested in the “real Austria,” apart from waltzing and the Sound of Music…” Ummm that’s not real Austria??? Captain von Trapp and I don’t believe you. 8 Places in Europe That Still Feel “Untouched”

We can’t argue with any of these recs. Top 18 experiences in France

#6. Tell them it’s a special event! You know, as long as it actually is. I guess you can make one up, but if you have our luck, that charade could get awkward. This is how B spent a summer masquerading at work as an engaged Harvard grad. Five Affordable Ways to Upgrade Your Vacation

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Queenstown Lake


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