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the-romantic-the-winoWe would like to take the Kancamagus National Scenic Byway in New Hampshire both because it looks pretty AND it is called Kancamagus. Say it out loud. Kaaaaancamagus. America’s Most Scenic Drives

Alright, you’ve convinced us. 87 Reasons to Love Fall in Portland

B&K are talking Switzerland in March and we couldn’t be more jealous of a trip to Lucerne. 10 Great Mountain Towns

We like this girl. “It doesn’t cost as much as you’d think to travel. You don’t need to save $50,000 to spend a year overseas. If you’re young, willing to sleep anywhere (hello, couchsurfing!) and go to countries off the beaten tourist track, then you can survive on much less (I’ve heard as low as $1000/mo).” 8 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was 22

Photo of the day: We recommend you take time to look through all of these, but Out Skerries makes us pretty positive we’d be ok settling down forever in a little town of 65 Scots. Population Seven Billion

Reuters/Olivia Harris


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