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the-romantic-the-winoWho knew we’d want to go to Sri Lanka so badly after only 6 photos? Best Trips 2012: Sri Lanka

OBSESSED with ABC Carpet & Home (and conveniently located right near our office!). If you’re in the neighborhood, add Fish’s Eddy to your list too, please. And then you’ll probably be hungry, so go to City Bakery for a pretzel croissant. Now we’re hungry AND wondering why we weren’t asked to write this. Huh, CNTraveller? Guide to New York City

We’ve been to zero of these, but adding the Museum of Bad Art to our list ASAP. But we did purposely skip the LAMP MUSEUM in Bruges and I’m not sorry. The Frites Museum, on the other hand, I mildly regret. Nine Odd Museums Around the World

Our NYE plans are booked, but now that we know about THIS hotspot, we’re a little upset we opted for cozy cabins instead (details on that to come, by the way!): A Night at the Roxbury: Campy Digs in the Catskills

Hmm we went to Clo Wine Bar in Columbus Circle (closed now apparently?) which was self-serve, but this sounds way cooler. Anywhere similar in New York? Grab a Cold One – The Self-Service Bars in Korea

We’re feeling a little autumn-deprived after the snowstorm and our daily freezing walks to the subway, so we may be projecting a little bit here… but isn’t PA so pretty?

The Pennsylvania side of the Delaware Water Gap – autumn by b k


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  1. guest
    November 3, 2011 / 19:32

    I can’t praise the City Bakery pretzel croissant enough. Genius

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