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the-romantic-the-winoTGIF little travelers! Counting down the seconds to the end of the day, but we’re in the homestretch!

Question re: the Inca Trail. Is there ever an option to ride the llamas? ….No? 6 of the world’s classic hikes

Sooo just watching this video gave me anxiety. Pamplona’s Running Of The Bulls

And because we’re just getting acquainted with Angie Away, we’ll include this one too: Hot Air Ballooning in Turkey. Sign us up, please–especially if we can get pictures that look like our photo of the day:

Hot Air Ballooning in Turkey

Enjoy your weekends! If anyone needs us, we’ll be busy ticking a few more things off the wino’s bucket list… (suggestions welcome, of course!)


the romantic & the wino




  1. the Hubs
    November 4, 2011 / 20:00

    hey romantic – let’s do a hiking trip next!

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