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the-romantic-the-winoWell, we’re sold. Especially on the Maldives. Guest Post: 5 Great Stops on a RTW Trip

The picture alone had us drooling. 8 awesome Seattle food trucks

We’re especially fond of The Cloisters during autumn (aka the only time we’ve been there). Most Beautiful Museum Gardens Around The World (PHOTOS)

Can we assume we’ll see headlines like this all the way up through December 22nd of next year? Oh no! Another Mayan prediction of an apocalypse in 2012 is found

The caption on our photo of the day reads “Evening sunlight after rain in Berwick upon Tweed from my office window.” MUST BE NICE. (But also, check out all of the other photos on the link below, because it was a hard choice):

10 Wonders to be Thankful for: “‘I’m thankful for having this view from my office window‘. Karen Bryan @KarenBryan


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