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the-romantic-the-winoWe’re confused by the number of trees that are actually in this slideshow vs. the title, but in any case: we’ve only seen Rock Center. Anyone been to the others? Christmas Trees: Five Other Famous Trees To Visit This Holiday Season

Something else that confuses us: a post that mentions Jamaican bobsledding but does not mention Cool Runnings. Jamaica: Beyond the Beach

As one New Yorker and one former New Yorker, we are already pros at all of these. 6 Graceful Strategies for Dealing With an Annoying Seatmate

Portobello Market is a must-do when we make it back to London. London’s West End for the Non-Tourist

OH HOW WE WANT TO BE HERE RIGHT THIS SECOND!!!! Look! Look at the carolers!!!  Bernkastel, Germany’s Picture Perfect Christmas Village

This looks unreal in the best way possible:

Bandarban, Bangladesh


the romantic & the wino


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