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the-romantic-the-winoWhat we wouldn’t give to ride around London in a Mini Cooper, looking like Twiggy. We’re glad to know we’re not alone. Top 5 Places to Find ’60s Style in London

Rule of thumb: we all can do without the leeches. All the time, always. No exceptions. Jungle Trekking with Leeches in Khao Sok

What’s on your list? 9 Destinations to Visit in 2012

Ngiyabonga! How to Say “Thank You” in 58 Languages

This seems like a good place to hole up for the winter, no?

Schwerin Castle – Schwering, Germany by Harald Hoyer

Ok now. Go home and drink a bottle of pinot noir in honor of both Wine Wednesday and us… as we are not participating. WAAH.


the romantic & the wino


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