no travel required: #frifotos

the-romantic-the-winoAnother Friday, another FriFotos! Today’s theme is “local,” so naturally we had to go with our hometowns in Bucks County, PA.

We’ll let the photos do the talking.

local frifotos

local frifotos2

local frifotos3

local frifotos4 local frifotos5

And who says you can’t get a gourmet meal in the country?

Enjoy your weekends! The wino is continuing to fill up her travel fund by babysitting, while the romantic is off to New Hampshire for a weekend of skiing and too much red wine.


the romantic & the wino



  1. the Hubs
    February 24, 2012 / 14:49

    These photos get me pretty jazzed for summertime!

  2. February 25, 2012 / 19:06

    These photos are lovely; I didn’t realize you guys were from PA too! I never appreciated PA’s beauty as much as when I went back for Thanksgiving last year after a year and a half abroad. Not a bad place to grow up really!

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