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the-romantic-the-winono travelThe FriFotos theme this week? “Wild.”

SIGH. Another week of struggling. Our closest run-in with wild animals is at the zoo, and it seemed mean to categorize them as wild. And like, what else is there? Wildflowers? Zzzz.

Instead, we went the nightlife route. Wild nights are a thing, right? Except when we think of “wild nights,” we think of girls in leather mini-dresses snorting coke off a toilet and staying out til 6 AM. For all our wine & beer-induced adventures, we’re not ones to do… well, any of those things. Instead, we pub hop and make friends with strangers, and in London, we get seriously committed to crossing Platform 9 3/4 and abandoning our muggle lives for a future of magic and intrigue and making out with Neville Longbottom. Because, I mean, HELLO. He certainly came out ahead, huh?

So anyway. Our FriFotos submission for wild? The best photo there is to perfectly exemplify our ideal “wild night”:

It’s perfectly blurry and yet: you can still see the angst. How DARE you not let us through at 1 AM, Hogwarts?

You better believe we’ll be re-living such moments this weekend.

TGIF, travelers!


the romantic & the wino



  1. Edna
    March 2, 2012 / 14:04

    Hahahaha, such angst!

    Holy crap is that really Neville???

  2. the Hubs
    March 2, 2012 / 14:21

    keep it in your pants, LT’s.

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