no travel required: #traveltuesday

the-romantic-the-winoNot gonna lie, this Tuesday has been TOUGH, friends. If you’re feeling the same, join us in our wanderlust coma, courtesy of this week’s NTR.

Well, now we just feel super unaccomplished. This Man’s Epic Worldwide Selfies Will Inspire You to Travel

If you can pronounce “plus du vin, s’il vous plait” you should be A-OK. How Much French Do You Need to Speak to Live in Paris

One of the most New York-y things to ever happen in history. Best Roommate Ad Ever: Free Studio for Back-Walking, Wife-Finding Female

Oh la laa. World’s Best Cities for Romance

Why is Cornwall SO FRICKIN CUTE ALWAYS?! Preparing to Plant Poppies for WW1 Anniversary at Lost Gardens of Heligan


Spring has most definitely sprung en France!


the romantic & the wino


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