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the-romantic-the-winoHere’s a very clear rule: if you’re flying with a baby, be nice to everyone around you. They’re way more likely to be patient if/when your baby starts crying. JUST SAYING. Flying with an Infant: Demystifying the FAA’s Confusing Rules

We’ll just be here, feeling extra fat and lazy. 80-Year-Old Climbers Vie For Record Of Oldest To Summit Everest

The romantic also recommends drinks at the Shangri-La Hotel as an alternative to the Sydney Bridge Climb. One of the best tips from a local! Expensive experiences, cheaper alternatives

Like a real-life funhouse, no? Salvador Dali House Museum, Port Lligat, Cadaques, Spain

hanoi at night

Guess who made it to Vietnam? (hint: not the wino)
Ohhh, you guessed it! It’s the romantic!


the romantic & the wino


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